Some of the organisations who partner the Buxton Military Tattoo:

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1. Background. The Buxton Military Tattoo is presented by The Royal British Legion to raise money for the charity. Much of the work of the Legion is to support Servicemen and Women who may have needs of many types caused by factors incurred in recent and past conflicts. The organisers are, therefore, sympathetic to the needs of spectators with disabilities and wish to do everything reasonably possible to assist them to enjoy the event.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Event Manager, Chris Thornton, on 01298 25568  well in advance of the day to discuss your needs.

2. Venue. The venue is the 18th Century Devonshire Dome of the University of Derby, Buxton. The Dome has recently had a major overhaul to bring it up to the standard required of a university campus, including disabled access and facilities. However, because it is not a modern purpose built events venue, some limitations for disabled access are inevitable, particularly the limitation on numbers of parking places for disabled spectators and the limit ed number of disabled toilets.

3. Disabled Parking. The Dome has very limited parking on site, all of which is closely controlled and, except for permanent pass holders, access is denied except where a Parking Permit has been previously arranged using a specific vehicle’s registration number. With the exception of a small number of Disabled Parking places for which a permit is required, there will be no parking available for spectators of the tattoo. Where possible, spectators with disabilities should arrange to be dropped off on the road outside the main entrance to the Dome and their car should then be parked in a public parking place which may be some distance away. In cases where this is not practicable, spectators with disabilities should request to book one of the few disabled parking places. This should be done in advance with the Event Manager, Chris Thornton. (Tel 01298 25568 or email ). Those who have already bought tickets for the tattoo, eg from the Opera House, should quote their ticket number or numbers. Those who have not yet purchased their tickets may buy them from the Event Manager at the same time as arranging their disabled parking. We will need to know the registration number of the vehicle to be parked. On the day of the Tattoo, the security staff will have a list of vehicles authorised to enter the car park. Vehicles not listed WILL be refused access.

4. Wheelchair Users. Wheelchair using spectators are very welcome and places for wheelchairs will be made available on the ground floor. To ensure that enough spaces are available, it would be greatly appreciated if wheelchair users would give as notice of their attendance, whether or not they avail themselves of the free Carer ticket. Bona Fide Able Bodied Essential Carers for wheelchair using spectators will be admitted free and a free Carer ticket will be sent to the wheelchair using spectator on request. Wheelchair places and free Carer Tickets may be requested on the ticket mail order form. Alternatively contact Chris Thornton (Tel 01298 25568 or email ) quoting the wheelchair using spectators ticket number.

5. Gallery. There is a lift to the gallery as well as stairs. However, the organisers would recommend that wheelchair users take advantage of the front row wheelchair spaces on the ground floor. However if a wheelchair user would like access to the gallery, please contact one of the Tattoo staff.

6. Access to the Building. From the main entrance to the Dome campus and from the disabled vehicle parking places to the Dome main entrance is level hard surface which is lit after dark. The main entrance to the Dome has two steps but also has a disabled access ramp. The ground floor of the Dome is all on one level with no obstacles to movement by disabled people and wheelchair users.

7. Disabled Toilets. There are limited disabled toilet facilities on the ground floor and on the gallery level.

8. Blind and Limited Vision Spectators. Blind and limited vision spectators are very welcome and should find no particular restrictions beyond those normally experienced at any similar event. However, any blind or limited vision spectator who has any need of any specific advice or assistance from the organisers should please request it in advance from the Event Manager (see above).

9. Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Deaf and hard of hearing spectators are equally very welcome and should find no particular restrictions beyond those normally experienced at any similar event. There is a hearing aid loop induction system which utilises ‘necklaces’. However it should be noted that there are a very limited number of necklaces available so spectators that require them, should let the Front of House Staff know as soon as possible. Only the commentary and announcements will be broadcast via Public Address and the Induction loop system. However, any deaf or hard of hearing spectator who has any need of any specific advice or assistance from the organisers should please request it in advance from the Event Manager (see above).

For further information regarding any of the above, please contact Chris Thornton, the Event Manager on 01298 25568 or email